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Creative Writing

A fairy tale and a short story I wrote for my creative writing class in high school.


Some essays I wrote for Marat Grinberg's fantastic Red Sci-Fi (rus/lit 362) course at Reed College.



The project that has drawn the bulk of my focus for the past two years is Leibowitz, a file organization tool named in homage of the Albertian Order of Leibowitz. Leibowitz is an experimental Common Lisp application intended to abstract traditional file systems to make them behave like object storage, inspired by Robert Strandh's Specification of a Lisp Operating System. The source is browsable on Github and Sourcehut.


I'm largely self-taught with eclectic interests, currently occupied with completing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. I enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy, practicing martial arts (Mauy Thai, German longsword), and studying comparative religion, theology, philosophy (Yukio Mishima ❤️), linguistics, and languages (okay Русский Язык, rusty Lingua Latina, just starting 中文). I hope to someday become a half-decent polymath, though until then I remain a mere dilettante.

Goals in life are to live in an off-grid homestead, travel a lot, master at least two foreign languages, visit at least two other celestial bodies, read at least two thirds of the books I buy/pirate, finish at least a quarter of the projects I start, and create a modern-day Sacred Band of Thebes >:3.

Feel free to reach out to me by Email or Matrix using the nickname ymir on this site's domain; if you know how, please use my PGP key. I also have accounts on Signal, Telegram, and Discord if you prefer.

A few of my programming projects are public on Github and Sourcehut but will eventually be moved to local infrastructure on the git subdomain. I'm dissatisfied with the state of self-hostable Git forges so I may end up writing on of my own.

If you're looking to hire a software engineer or systems administrator who's passionate about improving the world and really into biotech and space exploration, check out my CV :).

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