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Welcome to my corner of the internet!

If you're interested in hiring a junior sysadmin and/or programmer with Unix experience and a passion for improving the world, check out my CV.

Personal Pages

  • Book Reccomendations - texts that have influenced my thinking.
  • Web Directory - back in the {good,bad} old days, this was partially the point of the web.
  • Wishlist - Things I wish existed and that I'd like to build one day but don't know where to start.


Hi, I'm a human from Earth. I grew up in six different countries in Africa, Asia, and North America, but I currently reside in the Pacific North-West region of the USA. I'm interested in space exploration, resilient computing, dead languages, historical reenactment, and self-reliance, prepping, and homesteading. I spend most of my free time reading science fiction and fantasy, tinkering with computers, and walking in the woods.


I'm an undergraduate at Reed College working on a major in computer science and a minor in Russian. My main goals in life are to both help make Earth a better place to live, and not the only place to live.


  • XMPP - ymir AT 404 DOT city
  • Email - ymir AT ulthar DOT xyz
  • Matrix - AT m3gabyte COLON matrix DOT org

I'm also on Signal, Discord, and Telegram, however I dislike these services. If you'd like to talk with me on one of them just send me an email and I'll tell you my username.


This site serves as a public reference point for my identity on the Web and a place where I can put things that might be of interest to others including my notes, essays, creative writing attempts, and cool stuff I've found. Occasionally I have a long enough attention span to finish programming projects well enough to publish them online. I mirror them between these two sites:

I strongly prefer Sourcehut to Github so the code on Github is read-only and usually out of date. If you'd like to contribute something please send a patch to the repo hosted on Sourcehut using git-send-email(1).


This site is hosted in a FreeBSD jail running on my home server, which goes down sometimes because it doesn't have a UPS. The pages are all static XHTML 1.0 with a minimum of CSS, generated from org-mode files using a Makefile and GNU Emacs in batch mode.

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