Ad Astra, ex Cūnā

Welcome to my corner of the internet!

If you're interested in hiring a junior sysadmin and/or programmer with Unix experience and a passion for improving the world, check out my CV.


Hi, I'm a human from Earth. I grew up in six different countries in Africa, Asia, and North America, but I current reside in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. My interests include philosophy, European mystic traditions, psychopharmacology, space exploration, resilient computing, dead languages, historical reenactment, martial arts, horror fiction, научная фантастика (scientific fantasy), as well as self-reliance, prepping, and homesteading. I spend most of my free time reading and listening to books, programming computers, and wandering in the woods.


Right now I'm living the NEET life in a cabin in the woods. I spend most of my copious free time applying to jobs, chatting with online friends, warming myself by the fire, and keeping up with my Russian and Latin. I'm also hacking on what may well become my magnum opus, a Common Lisp program that attempts to abstract over hierarchical file systems to provide a unified tagging ontology and rich full-text search of all the data on your computer. Essentially, I want to bring the tag-based object store of a hypothetical Lisp OS to Unix derivatives.

My main goal in life is to finish a respectable fraction of the projects I start. One such project is the all-important endeavor to both help make Earth a better place to live, and not the only place to live.


You can send me an email at ymir at this site's domain (PGP key). I also have accounts with most messaging providers not controlled by Facebook; send me an email if you want to know my username on one of them.


This site serves as a public reference point for my identity on the Web. Once I become a more disciplined writer I'll probably put up some essays, notes, short stories, and other things that may be of interest to others. A few of my programming projects are public on Github and Sourcehut.


This site is hosted using Sourcehut's pages service to avoid the considerable downtime that afflicts my home server. It's all static XHTML 1.0 with a minimum of CSS, generated from org-mode files using a Makefile and GNU Emacs in batch mode.

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