Conspiracy Theories

Some conspiracy theories I find fun and reasonably plausible.

US Politics

The CIA's MK Ultra mind-control experiments were not failures and the leaks were just red herrings.

Charles Manson was a manchurian candidate and the Tate-LaBianca murders were part of a larger CIA psyop to undermine the political left. The Manson Family's Helter-Skelter motive was largely cooked up by the prosecution in order to avoid investigating the family's links to the CIA.

Ditto for the JFK assasination.

Donald Trump's presidency was a conspiracy by the USA's rivals in order to alienate the US and undermine NATO.

Qanon is a high-effort shitpost that went out of control.

The US's Elephant and Donkey parties exist solely to keep the American people divided on a handful of minor issues and stuck in a never-ending farce of bread and circuses. This isn't really a conspiracy theory, but some Americans seem to take offense at this idea.

Biblical Conspiracy Theories

The Great Flood – and the stories it's based on – are about the fall of a great precursor civilization, possibly the same one described by Plato.

The books of Enoch and Revelations describe psychedelic trips.

Jesus travelled to India when he was young, became a Buddhist, returned to preach Buddhism to the people of Judea, survived the Crucifixion, and founded a proto-Christian community in what is now Pakistan.

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