Curriculum Vitae

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I recently capitulated to the pressures of the modern world and created a LinkedIn account, I can be reached there too.

Work Experience

PSU Student Groundskeeper
January 2023 – present. A part-time job working with the landscaping team to keep Portland State University's campus clean and beautiful.
Flight Software Intern at Masten Space Systems
January 2022 – August 2022. Worked with the XL-1 lunar lander team (part of NASA's CLPS initiative) developing a Rust program that simulates hardware to test the embedded software. Started as a spring internship but was hired on over the summer until Masten went bankrupt.
Reed Sports Center Cage Worker
August 2021 – December 2021. A public-facing position where I assisting people who came to use Reed College's athletic facilities and managing the cleaning and distribution of equipment.
Reed SB Assistant Webmaster
May 2021 – December 2021. The Webmaster and I were tasked with building and administrating websites for the Reed College student body. We built a forum where students could give unofficial public feedback for professors.


Computer programming
Preferred languages are C, Golang, Rust and Common Lisp; some familiarity with Python, C++, Emacs Lisp, SQL, and AWK. I'm also comfortable with staples of software development like Git and the Unix shell environment.
Unix system administration
5 years experience as a hobbyist sysadmin running Linux and BSD. I host several web apps and have used common software and concepts like VPNs, firewalls, containers (Docker, Podman, and FreeBSD Jails), PostgreSQL, and monitoring software like Grafana.
Web development
Backend web apps in Golang and Common Lisp and typesetting fast, accessible frontends in modern HTML, CSS, and JS.
Multicultural experience
I grew up in a US foreign service family in the Philippines, Nigeria, Tanzania, the US, Ethiopia, and Thailand so I'm comfortable traveling abroad and working with diverse groups of people.
I speak native English, basic Russian, and I study dead languages, primarily Latin and Sanskrit, in my free time.

Programming Projects

(Golang) An archiving tool for personal Audible libraries, basically functional but still a work in progress (
(Shell, Awk) A PoC Gopher CGI script that runs on localhost to make Gemini protocol sites viewable from a Gopher browser (
(Common Lisp) An archiving tool for Fediverse/Mastodon accounts designed to make it easy to maintain and browse backups of your accounts.
(Common Lisp) A library that implements an extensible tagging ontology designed to power search engines, wikis, and file managers.

Academic Experience

International School Bangkok
Graduated in 2019 with an IB Diploma.
Reed College
I completed two and a half years of study towards a BS in Computer Science and an Associates in Russian, but chose to drop out.
Portland State University
Currently a transfer student working towards a BS in Computer Science, a BA in Russian, and maybe an MS in Biomedical Informatics.


David VomLehn
Lead Flight Software Engineer at Masten Space Systems (dvomlehn AT gmail DOT com)
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