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Unix programming
Primarily C, Go, and Posix Shell (+ Bash) in both BSD and GNU/Linux. I'm also comfortable with staples of modern software development like Git and the GNU Emacs and Vim text editors, and have experience with other programming languages, particularly C++ and Python.
Unix system administration
Both for desktop and server use. I'm especially familiar with FreeBSD and Arch GNU/Linux, and have experience managing the Nginx webserver, the Prosody XMPP chat server, and FreeBSD Jails.
Web development
With a strong focus on accessibility, minimalism, and sites that are usable in any web browser.
Multicultural experience
I grew up in a US foreign service family in the Philippines, Nigeria, Tanzania, the US, Ethiopia, and Thailand so I'm comfortable traveling abroad and working with diverse groups of people.
Common office software
I'm proficient with Google Drive and LaTeX and I know my way around MS Office and LibreOffice.
I speak native English, basic Russian, and I can translate Latin.

Programming Projects

(Go) An archiving tool for personal Audible libraries, basically functional but still a work in progress (
(Shell, Awk) An experimental Gopher CGI gateway that runs on localhost to make Gemini capsules viewable from a Gopher browser (

Work Experience

Reed SB Assistant Webmaster
May 2021 – present. I'm the assistant webmaster for the Reed Student Body's website at It's mostly built using Javascript and PHP, it runs on a GoDaddy server, and it relies on Google Firebase.

Academic Experience

International School Bangkok
Graduated in 2019 with an IB Diploma.
Reed College
I'm a rising junior intending on majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Russian with a prospective graduation date in 2023.

Completed University Coursework

  • Rus220 Second-Year Russian
  • Rus/Lit266 Russian Short Fiction
  • Russ120 First-Year Russian
  • CSCI396 Computer Networks
  • CSCI389 Computer Systems
  • CSCI221 CS Fundamentals II
  • Math113 Discrete Structures
  • Math112 Intro to Analysis
  • Math111 Calculus
  • Hum110 Introduction to the Humanities
  • Chem101 Molecular Structures and Properties
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