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A directory of places around the Net that I enjoy. This is sort of like a blogroll of yore, but broader in scope.

Table of Contents

Publications I follow

Low Tech Magazine & No Tech Magazine
Pragmatic discussions of and articles on simple and low impact alternatives to today's gratuitously complex technology.

Interesting Projects

Collapse OS
A self-hosted OS for Z80 and 6502 microcomputers written mostly in Forth and designed to help us effectively use basic computers long after the modern industrial infrastructure has collapsed.
Kestrel Computer Project
One of many interesting homebrew computer projects with a focus on simplicity and freedom.

Useful Sites

Ergo Emacs
Lots of GNU Emacs resources.
Nuke Map & Missile Map
You never know when the ability to calculate the spread of fallout following an N megaton nuclear blast on your nearest metropolitan area in the middle of winter might come in handy.
Chart of the Nuclides
A collection of calculators and an interactive chart of all the nuclides, basically an equivalent to the periodic table but for isotopes.
Desmos Graphing Calculator
Interactively graph 2-variable functions! I'm still looking for a good offline alternative.
Wolfram Alpha
But professor, computing integrals by hand is so tedious, why should I bother when Wolfram Alpha will always be there for me?
Lead Free Shooting
Some resources for finding lead-free ammunition. Lead Free-Ammo Spreadsheet (WARNING: Google Docs), Hunting With non Lead.
Dave Atkin's Web Site
A whole bunch of cool resources about spacecraft design and aerospace engineering.
Documenta Latina
The Vatican's Latin documents. The website is styled exactly as you'd expect; I applaud the webmaster's good taste in not "modernising" it.
Mystic Symbolic Art
A tool for making mystical symbols! There's also a fun Fediverse bot.
Sci Hub
Science should be free.
Library Genesis
Pirate your textbooks here!

Archives and Collections

The Eye
An open-directory project with no respect for copyright.
A collection of old text files and ascii art relating to early internet and hacker culture. The curator, Jason Scott also has a weblog and some talks that are worth checking out.
An impressively massive, multilingual repository of tech information and computer science resources. The find.txt file that contains a list of repository contents is 96,000 lines long and weighs in at 8 MB.
​/x​/ Occult File Library
A collection of PDFs curated by a nice anon over on the Occult & Magic General on 4chan's paranormal board.

Cool People

My IB CS teacher's website; his class was my first real exposure to programming and computer science.
Justine Tunney's Web Page
A brilliant hacker and the author of some of the coolest projects I've ever seen; most notably Redbean, a webserver written in a single file of C that compiles into a ridiculously portable executable that's also a self-extracting Zip archive containing a Lua runtime and the pages of your website.


The modern web is a dystopian panopticon of over-engineered garbage and crass advertisements, so naturally clever hackers have written tools to help people interact with botnet websites without being spied upon, advertised at, or forced to enable cookies and JavaScript.

Web Frontends

A drop in replacement for youtube.com.
An ultra-minimal search tool for YouTube.
A slick replacement for instagram.com allowing you to browse your favorite artists' work while keeping Zuck's slimy probusci away from your precious bodily fluids
Same for Hipster Rasputin's bird-themed website.
A reader for medium.com articles that isn't chickenshit minimalism.
Teddit & Libreddit
Reddit readers. Especially usefull on mobile phones where reddit.com is intentionally shit, old.reddit.com doesn't work well, and i.reddit.com is primitive to the point of being basically useless.
Simply Translate & Lingva
Translate stuff! Keep in mind that it still sends the text you want to translate to Google.

General Computer Programs

RSS and Atom
Why create an account to subscribe to something when you could just grab an RSS or Atom feed and follow from the comfort of your feed reader?
youtube-dl & yt-dlp
A wonderfully usefull tool for downloading and archiving videos from YouTube and a bunch of other sites.
Like youtube-dl but for various image websites.
An excellent video player with youtube-dl and sponsorblock integration.

Android Apps

A free-as-in-freedom YouTube app that blocks ads, lets you download and subscribe to channels, and doesn't make you pay to listen to videos with the screen off.
A full-featured Reddit client.
Aurora Store
A client for the Google prey store that lets you install proprietary programs not available on F-Droid without having to install Google's rootkit.
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